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Sky Full of Light



When starting therapy, you want to make sure you feel a sense of comfort and trust with your therapist. There is a synergy between therapist and client that is integral in the healing process. This is why I offer a 30 minute free phone consultation to get an understanding of your needs as equally you get a better feel and understanding of my personality and style.

In first sessions, questions are asked to get to know you better. This can feel strange if you have never been to therapy before, however I encourage you to trust yourself and use your voice through the process. You've been through challenges in life before and my role is to help you rediscover your strengths, learn new skills, change the narrative in your head that holds you back to help move you through what ever is challenging you in the present. Our sessions are 60-75 mins long. 

At this time I am only available via Telehealth (HIPAA compliant). In person sessions will be visited again in the future.


I offer a complimentary 30 minute telephone session to see if I am appropriate for your needs. Each session following is 60-75 mins. While the typical clinical hour is 50 mins, I honor a longer session for many reasons. Stepping into vulnerability takes time and most of my clients benefit from a longer session, needing less frequency in visits. In our first session we will discuss what is currently impacting you, what your expectations are of the therapeutic process and what your goals are.


Couples therapy sessions are 90 mins per session. 

Depending on finances and need 30 minute sessions are also available.


Private pay services allows your treatment to be confidential. I accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo and support recipients of the Loveland Foundation Therapy Fund.


For individual therapy my fee starts at $150 - $175 and a sliding scale fee is provided to those that demonstrate financial hardship. I always encourage clients to go through his/her/their insurance company first as it saves them money. Couples therapy sessions are $250 per session, 90 min sessions. Fees are discussed and agreed upon prior to our first session. I am not affiliated with insurance companies as they often require a diagnosis, dictate and limit the amount of services one can access in a year. Receipts/Super Bills are provided to those that want reimbursement from their PPO insurance. 

While the fee may seem "high" for my services, this is truly an investment in YOU. You are paying for a specific skill from a professional that will allow you to grow to be a better version of you. Many spend this amount on a night of drinking, a pair of shoes, or at Target! What we work on in sessions allows you to use your time and money into investing into you and true behavioral change. Standard rates in LA and most metropolitan cities is $120-200 for a 50 min session.


I offer a longer session, allow for flexibility in scheduling as well as a free 15 min check in between sessions as needed.(especially if we are working on anxiety management and exposure therapy). As a daughter of immigrants, I honor a good deal and practice from a place that honors your self worth and my clinical worth. 


My style is eclectic. Therapy is not just a "clinical job" to me it is a higher calling. As an intuitive therapist it is my role to help you build an awareness of the symptoms you experience and step out of the the labels of "depression" or "anxiety" and step into a more accepting view of how you experience these symptoms. 

I value and honor other's cultural foundations in the therapeutic process. Living and working in Los Angeles is challenging already. Managing the culture of work, perhaps your own culture if your ethnic identity is important to you, or your gender identity along with the demands of family and relationships can feel extremely overwhelming. Whatever the issue is that brings you to therapy-together we learn to have a meaningful understanding of these experiences. You will gain skills to manage various challenges and empower yourself to become a more authentic version of you. 

All therapies are tailored to YOUR needs depending on what you are looking to accomplish in the therapeutic process. I often combine Gestalt, CBT, Seeking Safety, Existential, Psychodynamic and Post Modern therapies into each session. Currently I am in the process of becoming an EMDR Certified Therapist. 

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